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United States: Help Make Iran Great Again

The United States has been seeking regime change in Iran for 40 years. Their quest for nuclear weapons, their position near the Straight of Hormuz, which is of such strategic importance that its blockage would change the face of the world, its funding of a range of terrorist organizations including Hamas, the Mafia and the Bandidos of California, wreck havoc around the world. They are a rogue nation that is long overdue for extinction. The pretense currently that the protests are about gasoline is preposterous! The people of Iran are out there risking their lives, being tortured, killed by gunshot wounds to the back not for "petrol" but for the toppling of the Iranian regime which is brutal as it is anachronistic. They are fighting for democracy, and get this SECULARISM! What damn American would ever believe that? Well believe it.
The most remarkable thing to me is not the bravery of the Iranian people but the complete ignorance of the incredible chance these protests present in finally toppling this devilish regime.  It's there! I actually read a witness report that regular army units are refusing calls for backup from the Revolutionary Guard in oppressing the people. The significance of that should not be forgotten.Every tyrannical regime stays in power due to the loyalty of its army.
And how is the US political establishment this? As if it were an ingrown hair on their stinking, do nothing butts! They sit around and spend 100% of their time discussing an ambiguous phone call oblivious to what's going on outside those toilets they call chambers. Cannot they call a damned "time out" to give their attention to something that will really make this world a safer place or like a bunch of fat, unattractive old women continue to get their kicks eavesdropping on calls and being all around as useless as a herd of three-legged mules?
If the US lets this opportunity slip through its hands due to something that occurred that has no significance at all to the average US citizen, then God help them if their blundering leads to an event that actually affects the lives of the average American citizen for then there will be Hell to pay!.


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