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The Iranian Regime Has Come To Its End

What started as a protest against increased petrol prices has spiraled into the greatest existential threat to the Iranian regime in 4 decades. Millions have taken to the streets demanding government change, the end to corruption,police and government brutality Woman, it has been noted have been a driving force in these protests. The government has responded with brutal force, shooting and killing unarmed civilians, injuring over 3,000. These are just weak estimates as the government has virtually turned off the country's Internet apparatus in an attempt to hide what many believe are even greater atrocities. It is feared that many of those arrested will be executed. But the actions of the regime has not served to cower the people but to enrage and embolden them even more.
Many tweets I've read contained the cry "Why does the world not hear us?". The United States is practically oblivious to the existential threat to the Iranian regime which it has complained has been the main destabilizing force in the Middle East for over 40 years. They are mostly , please, totally engrossed in ousting President Trump (I'm a Democrat). All the news stations such as CNN, FOX and MSNBC have not only given up any sense of objectivity but all other news, no matter how important, it is ignored or spoken in passing (the recent California wildfires are a perfect example). To try and find what else is going on in the world would be virtually impossible if they were the only three outlets for information.The information is cut up in 5-10 second soundbites aimed at the American 5 second attention span.
Meanwhile the Iranian people continue to fight wondering when the world will wake up to their situation (apparently many have never heard of Rwanda in 1994). But I believe they will prevail. No government has the will or the stamina to resist the masses forever. As for me, I'm sure the Iranian regime is coming to an end. It jumped out at me as I was reading from a website called Iran Daily Wrap-up:
 A protester from Shiraz indicated in a report that the regime’s army units have not come to the aid of the IRGC units requesting reinforcements and are refusing to participate in the suppression of protesters.
When your army refuses to help, you should start packing your bags and looking for a way out


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