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For You Fathers: There are no forevers, only moments

So many fathers grieve after their children grow or are gone that they didn't spend enough time with their children. But how many times were you with your child but weren't there? Standing next to your child as she ate an ice cream or frolicked a couple of feet away from you in a pool, but you weren't there. Your mind was a million miles away, thinking about work, or what you missed out in life(or so much more the case what you think you missed out in life). You sat there as if in a trance and one day you woke up and she was no longer there? It happened to me to my precious little girl. One day I woke up and she was gone. Sure my presence was with her during those times but not my full attention or my mind. How many times did she look up laughing to see me sitting there looking slightly away with a blank look on my face and not understanding. My God, My God. Please if You would only give me one, just one day back and I will never ask for another thing.
This came to me recently. I've been out of work while my sons mother has been working and I've been a stay at home dad. My son Gio shares a lot of traits with my daughter. I'm much older and there's not much to think about anymore. I spend a lot of time with him and his brother Santino. I've learned to cherish every moment with them. Santino is a tough little sob, lol. But Gio shares so many of the characteristics of my daughter, it's not that I love him more I'm just afraid of how innocent he is and how cruel this world can be. As I said, I'm much older now with many more days behind me than in front so I cherish every single moment with him, something I will go to my grave regretting not doing with my daughter because I learned too late in life that:
There are no forevers, only moments. So please whatever you do cherish those moments with your children with all your heart. Because that's all there is.Moments.


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