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"She stopped an did something incredible:Losing My Virgnity

I was a 17 year old virgin painfully trying to become an ex-virgin. But older women didn't find me worthy enough and those my age seemed to still be smarting from the Catholic education beaten into them (I lived in a small Italian neighborhood in the Bronx where you had two choices- one public school where all you learned was street fighting, or a Chatholic school. Most of the boys went to public school and of course most of the girls to Catholic school where the primary goal was to teach the girls to keep their legs glued closed and wait for  the second coming. The thought of a prostitute was out of the question, especially for the first time. It would confirm the idea I had that I was untouchable. So I stuck with option most boys have at time. I always made sure the bathroom door was always locked when I was in there (a lesson for all those in a similar situation).
One night my Uncle Gino called me (I always called him Uncle Gino out of respect.One day we were sitting with a big guy I won't name for safety reasons in the family and I referred to him as"Uncle Gino. And he looked a little embarrassed  turned to me and said "Can't you call me something else?" Immediately the other guy chastised my uncle. "Hey, why are you busting the kids balls for being respectful? There's not many kids around like that anymore". Till he died I called hm Uncle Gino and he never said a word about i
Back to our story. I get a call from my uncle asking me if I wanted to go out."Of course" I answered back. He had been taking me to these great clubs for 2 years. I felt important walking in and the doorman seeing me with my uncle and stepping aside. So we're inside this place Majic's in lower Manhattan and we're sitting at the bar.

"Roc , I have to talk to somebody. I'll be right back"
"Ok" I answer
There I'm sitting when this nice looking brunette sits next to me. Nice rack, slim but it was her eyes that fascinated my. Greenest eyes I ever saw, She saw me looking at her sideways but she never turned. 2 shots of scotch later I worked up the courage to offer her a drink. She looks at me up and down and says " How old are you?"
"18". "Who let you in here?'she asks with a look of disgust on her face. Arrow right into my self esteem. And to top it off I get a tap on the shoulder. It's one of the bouncer "Hey you have to be 21 to get in hear. I don't know who let you in but your getting the fuck out now" and grabs me by the arm, The bartender, watching what's going on  hurries over and says " oh, be nice. that's Gino Masher's nephew. Right away the guy raises his hands as if I aid "Stick em up!" apologizes for the mistake and hurries away". It's happened so many times Ive gotten used to it.
I turn back to the bar and immediately notice the uninterested girl next to me is now staring at me
"Your Ginos nephew?" "Yeah, he's my mother's brother" She smiles and accepts the drink I offered before, We start bullshitting, mostly about my family (I was careful not to divulge everything. My uncle was good about explaining the RULES).
After about an hour she say " Let's get out of her". I answer "First I ask where to and then I tell here I have to check in" Chuckling she says "Don't worry. Your uncle saw you talking to me. He'll know". Now twitching in all the right places, heart beating a mile a minuet we leave the club and jump in a taxi and head for her house, about a 5 minute ride. During the ride she reaches over and puts her right hand on on my left thigh. Jump a bit and she says" are you ok?" nervous as shit but not wanting to show it I say"No. I'm fine I was just shifting myself" . Chuckline again because now she knows she tells the driver "drop us off at 63 and 2nd". We're there in about 5 minutes. I get out first and go around and open the door. She looks pleased and with a smile says " You must be Gino's nephew.
I follow her into a doorman apartment building. We get to her apartment (It was a one bedroom apartment, clean with floor to ceiling windows, "You want a drink" she asks me from the kitchen. "Sure I answer" . She makes me a Citron on the ice and comes over and gives it to me. Patting my inner thigh she say
"I'm going into the bedroom to change out of this dress" and walks away. for about 5 minutes. I'm sitting, shaking so much the ice is rattling in the glass. A few minutes later I hear "Rooc can you come here a  minute. Expecting that she needed help with a zipper or some thin I get up and walk in the room. "Holy shit!" I say to myself. She's laying on  the bed naked. Flat stomach, natural tits that didn't droop and something I've never seen in the books: A shaved pussy. She motions me next to the bed. There she pulls down my zipper and I get something I also have never gotten before. She then tells me to take off my clothes and pats the side of the bed next to her. I lay down and...well you know the rest of the story except one thing.. She's on top of me and it's feeling great. I'm sweating like crazy. All of a sudden she stop. I'm a little concerned, but not for long. Moving
down to my feet she starts to LICK MY SWEAT! She started at my feet and worked all the way up to my neck, it was the most exciting, erotic, freaky thing I've ever experienced then and now. She the grabbed by my member and stroked me to an explosive climax. Lay there completely exhausted she lights a cigarette and looks at me "How was your first"? I didn't have the words to describe what I experienced. "Ok. You have to get dressed and Go now. I have to be up early". Smart enough not to ruin the moment I got dressed thanked her, She was already sleeping.
Next day my uncle called. "I'm sorry somet..." "My uncle interrupted me "Lol. Don't worry I saw that you and Diane had left. How was it? "Christ almighty do have a story to tell! "Well tell me tonight, we're eating over my mother's house tonight" "ok. Ill see you then. And make sure you take a shower" " I will. see you later


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