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An Accidental Discharge. Laughably It Gets Worse

I'm hanging out at my Uncle Gino's house, doing nothing much just bullshitting. He tells me "I'm going to go put this away". It's a beautiful 45 caliber handgun. "OK" I say and sit back. About 10 second later a hear a loud "Boom" come from the bedroom. I jump up and hear my uncle say, in a low but hurried voice to my Aunt Barbara who's also in the bedroom ' blast the fucking television". She readily complies. Next moment, full blast I hear a woman, I could tell immediately it was coming from the television. "Lower that! Lower that! What the fuck is wrong with you?!" My aunt yelled back "you told me to turn it up full blast".
LOL. Apparently my uncle emptied the the gun of the clip. He would always empty the chamber and as an added precaution would point the gun into the mattress. Problem this time was he skipped step 2, emptying the chamber. That's  causing the discharge.
About 2 minutes later he comes…

4 Guns and Uncle Gino Parts The Crowd Like The Red Sea

One night I'm hanging out in this club, after hours joint. Wasn't one of my native joints. Crowd of wanna be wiseguys with an actual wise guy mixed in here and there. Having a cool time. Comes about 4:30 am, got a few drinks in me ( feeling good amount, not stumbling drunk). I turn at the bar and accidentally knock a drink over. The guy who was the owner of the drink, a guy we called "Ghost" takes umbrage at me spilling his drink. He pushes me, I push him back but level heads step in and it's stopped before anything serious starts. I walk away, again apologize and go over to the other end of the bar and order a drink. I kept up my awareness because these weren't the most evolved group of people you'd usually find yourself hanging out with.
As I'm sipping my drink I'm looking away from Ghost but not really looking away. I see him whisper into one guys ear, than another, then two more. All now are giving me glances that are not designed for bowl re…

A Wiseguy's Son Finds He's Not That Wise...Or Tough

Man, it was about 35 years ago. I'm 17 and hanging out in a place called Country Club in the Bronx. Up pulls a car I recognize as my friend Marco's car. He pulls up to me drivers side, rolls down the window and says to me "Rocco, do you have an uncle named Gino?" I can't speak, I'm paralyzed because I know whatever he was about to tell me was not going to be good. I nod yes and he tells me "He just beat the shit out of Tommy Jojo's son over at the gym".

Syrian Uses WRONG Camera for Selfie

There are stupid terrorists (smart terrorists would be an oxymoron with the emphasis on moron) and there are really stupid suicide bombers. Take the following: A group of Syrian fighters sit on a couch loading their weapons, talking politics, the woman across form them, one lifts his leg to pass some gas. Far to the left there a man sitting apparently with nothing to do. Suddenly he gets a bright idea "I'm going to take a selfie of me and the group". Little does he know and to his friends deadly astonishment the phone is actually a rigged as  an explosive! You can guess what happen next. Follow the link you'll see the photo of the man on the left side of the couch. It even gets better. If you want to see the video in its glorious entirety wait until the film loads on the bottom right. I can't be sure but I thought I heard someone yell "Allah he fucked-up.

Cuddle a Terrorist. And Watch Your Ass He Doesn't Go Postal!

Lewis Ludow of Kent UK, an ex- Royal Postal worker planned to "Go Postal" and kill up to 100 people while undergoing a de-radicalization program. The ISIS supporter and sympathizer was admitted to the program after numerous other incidents where he showed sympathy and attempted to aid terrorist organizations. In fact, on his way to meet with his prevention officer ( in the US prevention officers are known as prison guards) he found he was running ahead of time and decided to scout out a few places to hit including Oxford Street, a very crowded area that's daily filled with those damned happy infidels that most get under the skin of ISIS. Mr. Ludlow, known to himself as The Wolf ( apparently one without a den as he looks homeless) expressed his hate for the UK and it's people. He'll soon appear before a judge and be sent somewhere where they have REAL preventative officers.

BTW: The "Going Postal" is an American expression. Look it up on the Internet if…

NYC: You want snow? It ain't coming this weekend

I guess most of my fellow New Yorkers are keeping an eye out for the upcoming snowstorm. Forget it. It you have a soft spot for rain storms then enjoy. Warm air will surge in from the south and spoil all you snow lovers day. Sorry

An American's Bus Ride In Israel And A Lesson He'll Never Forget

In 2008 I was part of a Master degree class in Emergency and Disaster Management in NYC. Part of the curriculum was a month long trip to Israel to learn how the Israeli's practice the craft. Part of the curriculum included being bussed around Israel visiting trauma hospitals, being lectured by high ranking military officials on their experiences and what they learned through decades of brutal acts of sudden terror attacks, bombings and how the Israeli people always kept vigilant of what was going on in their surroundings. They did not look overly concerned or scared. So for us it was more an exercise in abstraction, for me and the rest of my classmates. That is until one day I was riding on the bus.

Israel's Unique way of spoiling paradise for martyrs

Imagine your a supposedly successful suicide bomber in Israel. "Ah, my contribution to the destruction against those damned Jews is done" you shout in glee.And there before you are your beautiful 72 virgins, all ready and willing to grant you anything your evil heart desires. You choose one and approach her. She begins to disrobe. You reach out to touch her! All of a sudden someone taps you on the back. You turn and to your horror and see that it is Satan himself in all his malevolent glory with a big smile on his face. "Before you start to enjoy yourself look up, there's something I want you to see" states The Prince of Darkness with a booming laugh". With a sickly feeling of terror (no pun intended)  you look up what do you see? Your family, father, mother, siblings, pet hamster all being dragged from their home. screaming, fighting, pleading but to no avail. Next you hear a rumble and over the hill comes a bulldozer.Within minutes its job is done, your…

Alexandria's Ocasio-Cortez's 15 minutes of Fame running out

The attached article suggests liberal Darling Ocasio Quickly Heading towards Obscurity. It would appear that having a loud mouth, less political knowledge than Daffy Duck and a personality so annoying even Nancy Pelosi would blush turns people off quickly. Again the following article contains graphs revealing the amount of media attention she has received since she first exploded on the scene, The media's desire to have her on is now so low she is going to have to think of buying airtime to get her face on TV. Surprising and laughable as Hell, the media outlet that has given her the most airtime is...Fox News, lmao.
My take on it is that most people don't mind liars, nitwits, even murderers but when you annoy people, as we say in the Bronx: Fuggetaboutit!

NO CRISIS AT THE BORDER? Read the damned article linked!

So Democrats, Liberals aka, imbeciles say there is no crisis at our Southern Border. Maybe their quest for confirmation bias caused them to miss this damning article

Give us your tired, your Hungry, your Terrorists

OTM is an acronym for illegal aliens who are ‘Other Than Mexican’ — SIA stands for ‘Special Interest Aliens’ from 34 nations like Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, and Yemen.

Pelosi and Schumer come face to face with a wall called Trump

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer must be home downing Imodium like M&M's right now. They thought they were walking into that office with their 300 years combined in politics (aka thievery) and were going to make Trump look like shit. Imagine the tightness they felt down there when Trump dismissed them like two reporters from some rural Iowa newspaper? You saw their little speech where they calmly went over the meeting with Schumer saying " Well he had a temper tantrum". Imagine them back in the car alone, no reporters around.

Pelosi: "Who the f--k does that son-of-a-bitch think he's talking to? I've been around since the light bulb. I know more about politics in my little finger than Trump will ever know"
Schumer: "I hear you Nancy. If he didn't have all those Secret service men around him...
Pelosi: "Shut up ya limp dicked prick"
Schumer: "Now Nancy dear that's no way to talk...
Pelosi; "Driver! Stop the car and let t…

Police: "All evidence points to Satan in homicide spike"

Alabama Police: Be On The Lookout For Satan (all points bulletin) for a suspect they believe is responsible for an uptick in homicides so far this year. The suspect is described as between 8-10 feet tall with fiery red eyes, enormous strength and the ability to appear and disappear at will. They believe the suspect was lured to the town after church leaders noticed drops in church attendance and especially donations. Opps police have been further armed with sub machine guns, garlic and crucifixes to where over their uniforms. One officer who who spoke to this reporter on condition of confidentiality said "give me a flame thrower, a truck of garlic and six priests from the Vatican I'm running like Hell if I see this guy".
More to follow

The Bird Box Challenge?

Now I've heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge, The Hot Pepper Challenge, even The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge but never before have I heard of or been more excited than the Bird Cage Challenge!
The Bird Box Challenge was inspired by the Sandra Bullock movie Bird Box.
The challenge is thus:
An imbecile puts on a blindfold gets behind the wheel of a car and guess what? Drives! And the results? Well just ask police in Utah where one such imbecile, after drinking a case of Mounting Dew and swallowing two bags of Pop Rocks got behind the wheel of a car and, predictably got into what else but a car accident. Now there are two things about this story that have me shaking my head.
1. We already spoke about about above
2. Scroll to the bottom of the link. Americans are really starting to scar me
3.American IQ reaching new heightsAmericans ane really starting to scare me

My nich is: I have no niche

Most information I read about dragging traffic to your blog is to have a niche! Yes, yes, a niche! 38 trillion brian cells and I'm going to focus them all on something like "Book that Mark Twin Thought Sucked" or "The Pleasures of needle point by candlelight". I'm sorry I like to. Our minds are these incredible instruments and to force them to focus on some inane niche to drive traffic to my blog, well then I think I'd rather place my mind under the wheel of a truck! So when reading this blog expect anything, anything that comes to mind (mine that is).
Thank you and have a wonderful day

Breaking News Update: National Parks: Strange Disappearances Especially Children That Vanish Into Thin Air

This is a post I had written several weeks ago. Well Breaking News: CNN reporting that a child has been found after being lost in the woods for 3 days. Incredibly the child told authorities A BEAR! kept him company the entire time!
Since the inception of the National Park System was established more than 140 years ago our parks have grown from 1 to 450. They represent millions of square mile of scenic beauty, quiet, and escape into solitude. You can also swim, hike and disappear. Disappear? That's right, disappear into thin air. Not only adults but especially little children many of whom all it takes is a parent to bend and tie their shoe, look up and the child is gone. Not just gone but disappeared. Calling the child's name frantically, running in circles, screaming, nothing works. I means how far can a 3 year old child go so quickly? How about if I were to tell you 5 miles away, up a shear cliff, dead and stuffed in a tree?
Or there you are walking down a clear path on a br…

Ana Navarro Cited By LAPD

This just in:
Sources state that Ana Navarro was today cited by CHP for stopping her car in the middle of a California freeway to clear some toe-jam that developed between the 3rd and 4th toes of her left foot, backing up traffic for miles. It took sanitation workers 2 hours to clean the road of the vomit of those stuck behind her.
Ms. Navarro has been the talk of the town since appearing on CNN and showing off her knowledge of politics by giving a lesson in manicure. According to one of the officers on the scene, a blind homeless man passing Ms. Navarro was overheard saying " Damn! There ain't enough alcohol in the world!"
When asked for a comment by this reporter she responded by throwing up the middle finger and responding in a loud voice "Give this to your mutha!"

Trump Elected With Help From Pelosi and Schumer

Although it is obvious that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and others seethe at the very idea that Donald Trump is President of The United States but what they don't get is that they are some of the main forces behind Trumps victory! The American people got tired of the herd of political hypocrites, liars, thieves and just plain bums that were running our government. Americans got tired of all the indecent sobs that claimed empathy with the "people", like Nancy Pelosi who's $140,000 salary has miraculously mushroomed into a $200,000,000 fortune. Schumer, who spoils every Sunday morning with some inane announcement of outrage regarding, who knows, the ice at Rockefeller Center is really is 32.1 degrees instead of 32 degrees and vows to use every thing in his power to see that the perpetrators are brought to justice.
Americans have been getting sicker and sicker of the fact that their government was not for the people but for themselves. What American felt any, any ki…