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Dangerous Drug Resistant Bugs Have New Weapon

According to findings by an Australian researches drug resistance bacteria have come up with a new, previous unknown new "trick". They have become resistant to, of all things, alcohol. You know those canisters ubiquitous in every ER and doctors office? They may no longer work. This will make it much harder to control infections.
And this is why, being old school I always hated those things. When washing your hands it's not only the soup but the friction of rubbing you hands under water that wash the bacteria away. Think of it this way: If your doctor walked out of a bathroom after twenty minutes with a noxious cloud behind him and proceeded to clean his hands with a sanitizer attached to a wall, would you let him touch you? Your child? No Damon way!
So next time your waiting for your doc to finish with a patient and your doc comes out without proceeding to the sink, think, do you want to leave worse off than you came in?