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So Wife so chearting. Kill The bastard? your an asshole

So here's  the deal wife is cheating on  you. You become enraged. Grab the shot gun ' gonna kill the sombitch". . And heres what your thinking of it is as  someone taking you property like the Hess Truck you fathe both you one Christmas that yòu havent touched in 30 years, plus she looks like Bela Lagosi
. disrespecting you? Doing you a favor. Think for a moment, she was a bitch to uou, last time you had sex was D Day and she calls you a fat slob
, idiot, ashole etc every 15 minutes. And that's the why  your gonna murder for. ' Sam I'm going to the store across the street and comes  cal 3 hours later with a can of Pepsi". Again this the woman your gonna blow someone's head off for? Than in prison u get a let Dr " I blew the plumbers, fucked the furnancae guy and three midgets when I was drunk". Now your not a killer anymore but an utter and complete asshole. Let the bitch go. Get your self a better one or ten! Don't be stupid.