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US place Girl with Down Syndrome in Detention Center

As the father of an Autistic girl I was horrified to learn that the government, my government, the United States has separated a young girl with Downs Syndrome from her mother and and sent to a detention center in Texas. This girl is probably beyond terrified right now. The terror this girl must be going through right now is probably incomprehensible. To take child in that condition from here parents, to put here such unfamiliar with her mother gone, must, I don't know what this poor child must be going through right now. I heard reports of the other kids playing soccer together, at least passing a little time together. Is she being included by the other kids? Is she being taunted, ignored by. them? Can she comprehend the fact that her mother was taken from her? Or is she looking around in anxiety and cannot understand that each time a person enters the facility it won't be her mother. Those responsible for this being done should spend a million years in Purgatory with the exp…