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Stephen Clark Shooting: This one sucks

An autopsy has found that Sacramento American citizen Stephen Clark was shot eight times in the back after police ordered him to " show us your hands". The residents of this community are up in arms and I think rightly so. 8 times in the back would contradisct officers claims that he was advancing toward them with something in his hands when they opened fire.
First, "show me your hands" means lift your hands and show them to the officers.  Now if you indeed have something in your hands could that be misconstrued as "gun! gun!"? Then the fire works start.
Next, if the cops were so sure they were in the right why would they mute their body cameras after the shootings?
This reeks of two cops, one black, who probably didn't give this kid a damned chance to comply with their orders. Policing comes with the risk of being injured or killed in the line of duty. They know that. That doesn't mean you randomly shoot the shit out of people, a shoot first and …