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Who Needs The Russians When You Have Comey?

Much has been made recently over Russian interference in the past US presidential elections. It is hypothesized that a concerted effort by Russian hackers under direction of those high in government resulted , in some way to help the mega real-estate mogul Donald Trump become president. As of yet there has been no positive yea or nay. But, man when it comes to running interference patterns no one did better than FBI Director James Comey. It was Comey who, days before the election dropped a bombshell on the American populace when he announced that The FBI had opened up an investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails telling Congress:
"In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of email that appear to be pertinent" to Clinton's emails.The Democratic party including Hillary Clinton went berserk accusing the FBI director of trying to help along Donald Trump in his bid for the presidency. Whether it helped or not Trump did win the president…