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Trying To Make A Killing At A Bus Crash

I was working a Basic Life Support unit on the 5pm-1am shift. We get a call for a bus crash with injuries on 155st and Broadway. We pull up to the scene and see at least 15 people standing around, the majority with a hand on on their necks. Apparently the bus hit a vehicle from behind smashing its tail light. A fender-bender if you ever saw one. I walk over to the NYPD sargent:
"Hey Sarge, how many injuries?
He turns to me and says "well, according to the bus driver there were 5 or 6 people on the bus at the time of the accident"
I look around and see again 15 people moaning and holding their necks. I turn back to the Sargent with a puzzled look on my face
"See that officer by the back door?" points the Sargent
"Yes", I reply
"He's a foot post. As he walked over he saw at least 5 people get onto the bus through that door and come out the front claiming that they were injured. He's there to stop anyone else from getting on".