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Hurricane Michael Thumbs Nose at Florida

Hurricane Michael, nicknamed " the wacky to track" appears to be thumbing it's nose at Florida ND riding just off the coast enrolment a very serious date with Georgia  and S.Carolina. stirring the pot even more is that Michael has hitched a ride onto the jet stream a borrow body of very warm water that circles the globe displacing heat from hot to cooler regions. ND we all know how much tropical systems love warm water. Expect Michael to ride ride up into Georgia ( where the last serious downpour occurred when Charley Mae's horse climbed the barn and relieved himself on Charley Mae) and S. Carolina where enough rain (1 foot plus) will fall to scrub, dry and wash half the population.
BTW if you do drive through a flooded roadway remember that only 6 inches of water can push a car off its foundation and you'll end up playing gin rummy with Big Pussy who also sleeps with the fishes

Beth, somebody busted my chops for putting out "unsolicited confusing informati…

If you are the Miami area keep an eye out!

It is onvious the so called weather experts are as blind as a man who entrusts the care of his beautiful girlfriend in the hands of his horny bet friend. Satellite images are showing Hurricane Matthew closing in on Florida. It looks as if it is headed right for Miami with time running out for any type of drastic turn. Approximately 8 million people went to sleep last might assurred by the popular sitcom The Weather Chanel that they were in the clear of any direct hit. Shit will hit the fan later when a catagory four storm with 140 mph sustained winds with gusts to 190 mph come knocking on their doors saying " hey assholes qhats for lunch". A nad situation excaceebated by weather authorities working along with Miami to save the tourist from leaving ny littering the streets with bodies. What will be their excuse? "Um, we didnt know" and all will get off scott free. Such is the state of hurricane pre paredness today.
Follow the link see how far and what the direction i…

Hurricane Matthew a Florida Hit?

Those of you in Florida should pay close attention to local media regarding Hurricane Matthew. It is becoming likely that a landfall of the storm may occur in Florida as a cat 4 storm with winds close to 150 mph. And if Matthew's forward speed increases from its current 8mph you may have less time to react nd get ready. At this time I would suggest at the least to make sure your car/s are filled with gas and you have at least some extra cash with you. Hey, if nothing happens you can always use the gas and yo could deposit the cash back into your account. Good luck.

Hurricane Matthew and East Coast Hit

Hurricane Matthew, a strong cat 4 Hurricane is poised to strike the East Coast of the US around North Carolina then ride the coast all the way to Maine producing significant storm surges the whole way. But of course it has to be finished decimating the snake bitten nation of Haiti with very strong winds and, much more importantly over 3 feet of rain which will lead to monstrous mudslides and incredible flooding putting tens of thousands of lives at risk.
Stay tuned for more.