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Turkey's Prime Minister... Ok! Let's Be Real! What do I Give a F--K?

My life is one with so many twist and turns, deprivations; filled with anxiety; a life where just making it to sundown with a little food in the house and the ability to flip a light switch and watch the bulb light up are enough to leave a sense of relief. I:

Work as a hack for a bunch of crooks who praise God in the morning, fornicate with Harlot in the afternoon and play poker with the Devil at night. Through their smiles and slaps on the back they treat me like a mutt with mange, and rob me too! I have an ex who gets enough money a week to fund an Hammas jihad, a woman who I can readily foresee squatting over my grave and relieving herself on my coffin while the 4-5 other mourners watch. My family and friends think I'm a drug addict because of my past requests for a few dollars to help me feed my kids.Drug addict? LMFAO! I wish I was a drug addict so some of this ever present pain and ill feelings might be soothed at times with a nice case of delirium. I have 4 kids who will pr…

Info From US State Department to Americans in Turkey

State Department travel@gov (Enter Turkey's in box for more info)
For your safety: Avoid travel to southeastern Turkey, particularly near the Syrian border.Stay away from large crowds, including at popular tourist destinations.Exercise heightened vigilance and caution when visiting public access areas, especially those heavily frequented by tourists.Stay away from political gatherings and rallies.Follow the instructions of local authorities in an emergency.Stay at hotels with identifiable security measures in place.Monitor local media. For further detailed information regarding Turkey and travel: See the State Department's travel website for the Worldwide Caution,Travel Warnings, Travel Alerts, and Turkey’s Country Specific Information.Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive security messages and help us locate you in an emergency.Contact the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, located at 110 Ataturk Boulevard, Kavaklidere, 06100 Ankara, at +90-312-455-5555, 8:30 …

Massive Protests against Coup in Turkey

Hundreds of thousands of people have turned out to protest against military;s coup in Turkey. Success of coup seems doubtful at this time

Military Coup Attempt Sends Turkey into Chaos

An attempted coup by segments of Turkey's military have begun a coup attempt that has thrown the country of Turkey into chaos. It appears the moderately  secular country was being led further and further to the Right and segments of the military again said "Enough is Enough"
This is a situation still in its early stages. More to come

The United States, where the nuts run the asylum, and thieve

The United States has some gall to go around the world preaching America's gospel of Freedom and Liberty when it's population is dysfunctional, homicidal, easier to mislead than a long track of donkeys. A population who will swallow the incredible but will wretch at the first sight of the truth.
We have two candidates for office who are better fitted hustling at carnivals, we got cops so frightened out there the first two chambers in their guns should be filled with blanks,we have "moral leaders of a sub population of people who will tear down half a city of a city if a cop steps on someones soul but turns a blind eye when the cities morgues are piled high with people killed indiscriminately by members of the same population, we have downright clowns like Al Sharpton and Carl Rove giving commentary on major issues on the various news programs. Farms getting paid well NOT to work, others calling for states to ban abortion and then couldn't give a damn if that child ha…

A Minnesota Outrage...A Dallas Sorrow

Above is tan image taken from a video of an unarmed black man shot by police as he reached for his wallet (after being instructed to do so ) by a police officer in Minnesota. His girlfriend and 4 year old child where in the car with him at the time. His girlfriend somehow had the presence of mind to keep shooting the video until she too was arrested at gunpoint by other officers. Her 4 year old is heard in the the back of the police car consoling her mother " It's okay mommy, I'm right here with you" (Please use discretion. Video is intensely graphic)

The outrage I felt watching this video was overwhelming. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat. At 4 am I couldn't take it anymore and went out of my home and stood by the curb. Why. I don't. Maybe to stand as a lone silent sentinel after watching an American citizen die like that horribly by another American who's duty was to Protect and Serve. As the first rays of the new Sun began to lighten the sky o…

An Oldie but a Goodie: Donald Trump as Hell's Angel, The Primaries and The Political Machine Exposed

In my 53 years I have never seen an election cycle like the one being played out present. It's as if the Asylum for the Politically Insane was closed following an expose by Rivera and all the inmates were let loose to run the corridors of government.
First the GOP primaries. Included are a real estate magnate who's initial chances of winning the primary were about as good as a Twinkie surviving  unmolested at a Weight Watcher's meeting; then there was Ted Cruz who lost on nothing more superficial than he had a face that parents used to scare their children to sleep. We had Marco Rubio who drew almost unanimous suspicion for the strange lump that always stuck out from the back of his jacket. It only made matters worse for him
when the Press discovered it was a backpack he used for the middle school he was attending at the time.There was Kasich (pronounced "case-itch" or "case-ick") who was invited to an Italian neighborhood and then goes on to …