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Trump's Bid For President and "The Awakening"

Ladies and Gentlemen, please take a moment,sit back and think about something. How many other candidates for president would have survived such vicious, constant attacks against him such as Donald Trump has had to endure since declaring his bid for the presidency? How many other contenders would still be leading by far in the polls by this time? Not many.  Probably not a one. Now let me ask you: Is it due to Trump's charisma? His tenacity, courage in standing up against his detractors? His views on affairs? Partly. But the number one reason Trump is not only still in the race but leaving all the others in the dust is YOU!!!!! YOU HAVE STOOD BY YOUR CANDIDATE AND HAVE REFUSED TO BE SWAYED BY AN ENDLESS BUNCH OF BUNCO ARTISTS WHO WOULD HAVE LOVED TO BRING TRUMP DOWN BECAUSE HE DOESN'T FIT THE MOLD OF THE AVERAGE POLITICAL BS ARTISTS. IT IS YOU, THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE FINALLY AWAKENED TO YOUR POWER AS THE DRIVING FORCE IN POLITICS! PLEASE NEVER FORGET THIS MOMENT! TELL IT TO YOUR C…


There has been a mass shooting at some type of non-profit agency in Sanbernadino. At least 20 have been shot, unknown if any deaths at this time. Reports of 1-3 shooters. Police bomb team reportedly defusing a device at this time