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Iran Proposes To Legalize Pot. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei " I'm cool with that"

Iran, considered one of the most sour-pussed countries on the face of the earth, has proposed legalizing marijuana for sale and consumption. Surprising for a country where anyone who is even suspected of having a good time is subject to public lashing. The country began considering the new law after the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei hitched a ride with 3 Dutchman driving a 1969 Volvo van after his car broke down. Upon arriving at his destination Khamenei surprised both his handlers and passerby by exiting the vehicle and exclaiming "Man it's so damn bright out here", the first time he was ever heard to speak the English language. Talks soon began in parliament which was overseen by the Grand Ayatollah while munching on a 10 piece bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. One lawmaker stood up to denounce the proposed legalization as "Un-Islamic" ( he leaves behind 12 wives, 48 children and a cockerspanial named Rocky). Things went pretty smoothly thereafter. K…