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President Obama Hosts Satan, Iran Jubilant

Rumors are swirling in Hades and throughout the World that President Obama invited the Dark One himself to a midnight brunch at the White House just prior to the announcement of the President's upcoming

 deal with Iran. Unamed sources state a visitor arrived one night several months ago at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. He was describes as approximately 7.5 feet tall with fiery eyes and a complexion resembling a cross between Charles Manson and OJ Simpson. He and Obama spoke for approximately 3 hours before the towering visitor asked to use the bathroom. Shortly after staff heard a loud "pop" and began to smell sulfur. Upon breaking down the door they found the bathroom empty except for a copy of Maciavelli's "The Prince" with a forward by Fredrick Nietzsche.White House officials were quick to respond calling the rumors "absurd". One staffer, Barvetta Singletary told the assembled press " Come on. That's so stupid. Everyone knows that only heads…