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Great Example of GOP Priorities

Does anyone find it sickening but telling example of the Conservative frame of mind when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie cuts ExxonMobil a 7 billion dollar and almost immediately turns around and refuses to fund the state's pension system? Does the hypocrisy not sicken the Hell Out of you that one of the biggest, richest companies the world is given a humongous break while retired police, firefighters, teachers who give their hearts, souls and and sometimes, their lifes to keep us safe and our children educated?
There ladies and gentlemen is the GOP mindset in its full glory. So keep on supporting them, keep your ears tuned to th likes of Marc Levin, Hannity, and that fat bastard Rush as your pensions dwindle. Don't forget your pride and Marc's ideology as you decide whether Marc will put you on his shit list if you seek help, such as food stamps to feed your family. Now you wouldn't want to disappoint Me. Levin even at the expense of watching your children go to b…

"But he was running away"

It is amazing how many people I know are trying, ignorantly to justify the murder in cold blood of Walter Scott by pointing out " well, he was running away, he shouldn't have run, he should have obeyed commands". What's even funnier is that not quite a few of these people are conservatives. I point them out especially because much of their angst revolves around the intrusive role of government in our lives, how freedom is being constrained by East, West, North and South. The greatest cry is the cry of "Tyrany". But when a man is for all intensive purposes executed for the simple crime of attempting to evade arrest they come out with things like " why didn't he OBEY the officer, why didn't he do what he was told, he shouldn't have run" you get the sense what is being perpetrated is a kind of oxyMORONIC hypocrisy ( in a similar way the chant often heard at conservative meetings outside corn pastures and pigstys " federal government …