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Eric Ferguson: Grand Jury Of Damned Imbeciles

Did the grand jury in the Eric Garner case base their decision partly on the fact that Garner was able to speak when he said "I CAN"T BREATHE?". If so than they must have had a jury of fucking imbeciles weighing whether to indict or not. I was a medic for 20 years in Harlem and treated thousands of asthmatics, for example. To a person each one had just about the same complaint, "I can't breathe". Eric Garner did not literally mean he could not, was incapable of taking a breath. It meant that he was having difficulty breathing. What should I have done when a very serious asthmatic patient looked at me and said, "Help me, I Can't breathe"?. Should I have stopped what I was doing and explain to him that since he was able to speak he was able to breathe and that I'm supposed to go home in 20 minutes so fuck off and leave me alone? Of course not! I knew he was capable of getting a breath in if he could speak, but I also knew getting that breat…