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Former DC Mayor Marion Barry Dead

Former Washington DC Mayor Marion “Crack is Whack” Barry collapsed and died out side his home today at the surprising age of 78. You remember Mr. Barry, don’t you? He was the guy caught tooting on the crack pipe on police video in 1979 and spent 6 months in prison. Undaunted by conscience or sense of shame he again ran for office and landed a job on the City council back in 2005 to the joy of the City’s then large population of crack addicts.
Barry was remembered by his longtime friend Jack “The Smoker” Johnson as a man who loved his city, its people and some white little rocks that you can buy off many of the City’s street corners. “The worst part of it all”, explained Mr. Johnson was that Barry was just starting to turn his life around. “He was just starting to turn his life around. He went down to the local high school just the other day to pick up the application for the GED. He wanted to go back to school to be a chemist”. Drugs weren’t Barry’s only addiction, sadly. He’s surviv…