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US Involvement in Syria

It is without question that chemical weapons were used on innocent civilians with evidence pointing to the Assad regime as the perpetrator's. It was a dastardly, barbarous, grotesque attack and rightfully garnered worldwide outrage. I for one, with memories of the world's silent complicity that helped fuel a genocide that killed up to 1 million in only six weeks time in Rwanda in 1994, was all for US intervention in Syria. Up until now. Why? The United States has not even acted yet and they're getting excoriated worldwide. Some say it's about oil, about helping Al Qaida. Others point the finger for the attacks at, unbelievably the US.  Conspiracy theories regarding the US abound! And you know what? I'm getting a little sick of it. Maybe it's time for the US to look inside and concentrate on the myriad issues affecting the country today and let someone else take the damn heat. Risking war with Russia, China just to do what is basically the right thing? Is it re…

Obama Bluffs Syria, Cruise Missles On The Way

Reports are that the Pentagon has ordered naval vessels armed with cruise missiles to Syria in response to President Assad's purported use of chemical weapons that killed over 1700 civilians yesterday. Photos from the scene show the dead lined in rows, many of them children, most dressed in night clothes indicating an attack occurring while people were asleep,  at their most vulnerable. Earlier in the day Obama appeared a bit cautious, even detached as he spoke of what amounted to a wait and see approach regarding action against the Assad government. Many, including me were left a little flabbergasted that the President didn't use stronger language than the situation in Syria being "troublesome". But it appears that Obama was playing the bluff and playing it well.

Tripoli Bombing Toll Climbs

The death toll following two bombings in the Lebanon Capitol of Tripoli stands at 42 with hundreds injured, many of them seriously with arm and leg amputations and head wounds. The bombings occurred at two mosques where it is rumored that the Imams were sympathetic to Syrian rebels although no group has calmed responsibility as of yet

Obama Must Make A Strong Statement Regarding Syria Now!

President Obama needs to get to a podium, any podium and make a strong statement regarding the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Overwhelming evidence supports the fact that the Assad government has dropped chemical weapons on a score of villages in Syria. Over 1500 people, mostly children were suffocated as they slept. President Obama is hemorrhaging credibility right now across the globe. He appears not to have a good grasp of the situation and its serious implications.
Come on Prez, get out there and make us proud!

1729 Killed In Chemical Weapons Attacks

Up to 1729 are now known dead after Syria lobbed nerve gas at several sleeping communities in Syria. This would make it one of the worst Chemical Weapons attacks in history. France is currently calling for armed intervention to prevent other such attacks. US President Obama doing what he does best at times of crisis, shrugs shoulders and lifts palms to heaven.

Chemical Weapons Rain On Sleeping Syrians

Multiple reports coming out of Syria are pointing to an attack of chemical weapons, Sarin, VX, Mustard gas on several villages in Syria. Photos from the scene show numbers of dead, including many children none with obvious wounds laying in rows. Most are in their nightclothes suggesting that this vicious attack occurred in the middle of the night when people would be at their most vulnerable.
The UN Secretary General says his organization will investigate whether chemical weapons were indeed used. Look for delays, excuses and a lot of foot dragging during the investigation. The UN would be obligated to act if it is found chemical weapons were used, not only verbally but militarily.
Another chief concern is what will happen to Assad's chemical weapons stockpile should his regime fall? That's a very sobering question at this time.

How Morsi Lost The Egyptian People

Mohammad Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood look around in wide wonder at being deposed from their position running Egypt. Wonder they shouldn't as their short time running the Egyptian government has brought misery to this great and proud country. How, you say? Well let give a few examples:
Rolling blackouts have been a constant irritation, interrupting business, transportation and leaving many, mostly the poor in constant fear of being left in the dark. Meanwhile Morsi has no problem providing electricity to Gaza
Armed robberies have increased 5 fold since Morsi took over the government. People didn't even bother calling the police after a while because they lost all faith in them
Murders have tripled under the leadership of Morsi. Those responsible seldom if ever bought to justice
The homeless population is growing by leaps and bounds. Social services have become nonexistent
Morsi decreed that no court had the right to challenge his decisions (so much for Democracy)
Women hav…

America's Response To Egyptian Crises

The United States has been verbally attacked by both sides of the Egyptian conflict, one side lamenting the fact that the US provides the Egyptian military with 1 billion dollars a year in aid and the other side pointing to Obama as backing Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood. The US appears bordering on schizophrenia in its response to the current crises that has plunged Egypt and its great people in turmoil. I will attempt to explain why this is such in my own way, as poor as the attempt may be.
Obama's response has been to chastise the military for its seemingly heavy handedness in responding to the protests by Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood supporters but as he was democratically elected he must respond to the concerns of his constituents. And there is the problem. The American people are a politically lazy people whose thought and convictions are molded not by strenuous intellectual thought but by thirty second television sound bites and videos. Their lack of ability for any susta…

Justin Bieber: Girlie Man Tries Gangsta

What do you get when you cross Donnie Osmond, George Michael and a Chihuahua with an attitude? That's right, Justin Bieber! This one-man traveling circus has been entertaining the paparazzi for a while now with his idiotic and moronic antics. Sneaking into clubs he's too young to enter legally (with 600 photographers and 70 bodyguards in tow); take a fan's Iphone and rub it on his crotch; disparaging ex-presidents and , what I think shows his character intimately, being involved in fights daily where he never throws a punch nor ducks one but screams "Hold me back! Hold me back!" fifteen or twenty times before being hustled into an SUV while his bodyguards are left to finish what he started. The boy struts like a gangsta but runs like a rat (a real gangsta would understand the analogy). How long will this one-man-moron-show go on? Who knows? But hey! this is America where imbeciles like Michelle Bachmann are not only elected to public office but despite her great…

The Rise Of Tyranny:The Militarization Of America's Police

I have just finished reading a paper that at the same time sent chills down my spine and angered the hell out of me. It is a paper detailing the militarization of America's police who seem now to have card blanc to invade people's homes, destroy their property, abuse their families and, frequently maim and kill with impunity. Make sure to read this paper in the day with the lights on because it's scarier than any horror story you will ever read.

Heroic Cops Kill Baby Deer Named Giggles

Heavily armed officers of Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources risked life and limb earlier this week as they raided a local animal shelter to retrieve a baby deer named Giggles who had been dropped off at the shelter by a family concerned that the deer's mother had abandoned it. Wisconsin's law prohibits the possession of wildlife. A swat team made up of 9 Natural Resources agents and 4 deputy sheriffs toting semiautomatic rifles stormed the shelter and held the mostly volunteer staff at gunpoint for 3 hours while attempting to "retrieve" the dangerous doe. The officers diligence paid off in the end. Giggles was shot multiple times and killed by the heroic officers several of which were later treated at a local hospital for trauma.