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Morsi Is Out!!!! Egyptian People Have Been Heard

Fox news is reporting the Egyptian President Morsy has been rendered unemployed by the Egyptian military. There are no reports of bloodshed at this time. Apparently Morsi's assertion that he would shed his very blood for "legitimacy"  was more bluff than promise. Developments are occurring with lighting speed.

Coup Underway In Egypt

It is reported that the Egyptian military is making good on its promise to ouster current president Morsy to the delight of millions of protesters throughout Egypt that refused to once again live under the yoke of a repressive government. Morsy and his gang of henchmen severely underestimated the Egyptian peoples willingness to knuckle under the rule of another repressive and backwards ruler. The military has surrounded key facilities including the compound where Morsy is said to be holed up in. The will of the people of Egypt is strong, their pride in their land is second to none, they are not a mob but an intellectual force that will sweep over Morsy and his supporters like a tsunami, ridding the land of those who wish to bring their country back to the dark ages.
Good luck people of Egypt!

Good Luck To The People Of Egypt

I want to wish the people of Egypt luck in their quest for freedom. Having shaken off the yoke which was President Mubarak they did not hesitate in getting rid of the current dictator who tried to place the even greater yoke of Islamic rule on this progressive and vastly intelligent and prideful people. I'm hoping that the bloodshed is kept to a minimum but the people of Egypt are a brave people who will settle for no less that what is right and honorable, no matter the consequences!
So, from at least one American here is a good luck and Godspeed on your success.