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The 47% club

Standing on the corner of Main and Macral in a small Midwest town, I hopped upon my soapbox and began to harangue the street's passerby".
Hello out there all you Rush, Hannity, Levine, Romney fans and supporters. Can you believe that up to 47% of Americans pay no income taxes? Can you believe so many people live on handouts from the government? Imagine all those welfare mothers with their 80-90 kids? Those homeless mentally ill constantly bugging you on the street; that 70 year old lady who paid into social security for 40 years and now does nothing but live on the dole; that police officer that risked his life for twenty years and now collects what he believes is a well deserved pension; the fireman who had to leave the job on 3/4 salary after breaking his back rescuing some kid from a burning building".
"Wait!" shouts a man wearing a tea shirt reading "Romney not Obamy", " what do you mean lumping firemen, police officers and little old ladies …

The 47% solution?

Well stop my heart and smack my bones. After 200 plus years we finally have a politician with a perfect understanding of that peculiar animal, the American. To paraphrase Mr. Romney, 47% percent of the population are nothing but a bunch of lazy loafers who's only goal in life is to live off the government teat, feet propped up all day watching television and drinking 2 dollar wine,expending no energy except when demanding handouts from the government at same time selfishly breathing in 47% of our nations precious oxygen supply. Just as remarkable is what was left unsaid by this modern day Socrates, in view of the audience present at this event, that the remaining 57% of the populace possess the virtues of being self-centered, avaricious, loathsome narcissists! Well knock me down and call me Shirley ! For the first time in American Political History we have a politician with a firm understanding of the general temperament of the American people. I bow down to this imme…