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American motto "People have got to be free, uh I mean just we"

Do the Muslims scare me? No. It is the American reaction that both frightens and disturbs me.Why? Because there are millions and millions of people who have been chaffing under the rule of cruel dictators and rulers finally getting the chance to be heard, to fight, die for freedom, and what concerns us? How these protests, these yearnings to be free are going to affect us. The residents of the  Home of the Free and Land of the Brave are acting like a bunch of frightened weasels. "Is the Muslim Brotherhood going to take over"? "Are they going to revive the Caliphate and try to take over the world"?. A close friend of mine was freaking today because , according to him the Saudis "are not going to sell us oil anymore because we did not back Murabek". When I kindly reminded him that a great majority of the men who brought about the 9/11 disaster were Saudis, he said "that's a different $#%^ing thing". Imagine Americans frightened at the thought …