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Shakedown and a Comedown

Come on guys, give the man a break! If you suddenly found your pocket had been picked or that the girl at the checkout counter had siphoned off a few bucks of your change to her boyfriend standing nearby, you would certainly not be able to stop yourself from letting out an involuntary yelp of protest. And that was just what Rep. Joe Barton did when he found out the feds were hitting up British Petroleum for $20B and thus possibly siphoning away some of the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars that such companies donate to his campaign each election cycle. Of course he was outraged. And I can understand. I mean last week while going over my pay stub I found that my employer had shafted me out of 3 hours of overtime. Without even realizing it, I let out a more than audible whisper to the effect "The dirty m...". I couldn't have helped it if I knew the Pope and three of his sister disciples were standing next to me. Now although I raised a few eyebrows I wasn…