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Honduras President Sent Packing

MaunuelZelaya, President of Honduras was given the bum's rush to Costa Rica in a military coup d'ete just before a referendum that would have extended his presidency beyond its one year limit.
"I am the President of Honduras" yelled Zelaya to a shocked group of Chinese tourists waiting on line at a Costa RicaMcDonald's as local security officers attempted to lure him back into his hotel with a frozen margarita laced with Haldol and a bikini clad senior with bleached blond hair.
Reaction around the world was quick "It's those damn Kennedy's again" cried Fidel Castro, self appointed patron saint of Cuba. Venezuelan President for Life Hugo Chavez decried the blatant uprooting of democracy, crying "we will bring democracy back to Honduras if I have to kill every man,woman and child in the country". New York City's mayor Michael Bloomberg (currently in the process of seeking an unprecedented third term) appeared visibly shaken and when as…