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For You Fathers: There are no forevers, only moments

So many fathers grieve after their children grow or are gone that they didn't spend enough time with their children. But how many times were you with your child but weren't there? Standing next to your child as she ate an ice cream or frolicked a couple of feet away from you in a pool, but you weren't there. Your mind was a million miles away, thinking about work, or what you missed out in life(or so much more the case what you think you missed out in life). You sat there as if in a trance and one day you woke up and she was no longer there? It happened to me to my precious little girl. One day I woke up and she was gone. Sure my presence was with her during those times but not my full attention or my mind. How many times did she look up laughing to see me sitting there looking slightly away with a blank look on my face and not understanding. My God, My God. Please if You would only give me one, just one day back and I will never ask for another thing.
This came to me rece…
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United States: Help Make Iran Great Again

The United States has been seeking regime change in Iran for 40 years. Their quest for nuclear weapons, their position near the Straight of Hormuz, which is of such strategic importance that its blockage would change the face of the world, its funding of a range of terrorist organizations including Hamas, the Mafia and the Bandidos of California, wreck havoc around the world. They are a rogue nation that is long overdue for extinction. The pretense currently that the protests are about gasoline is preposterous! The people of Iran are out there risking their lives, being tortured, killed by gunshot wounds to the back not for "petrol" but for the toppling of the Iranian regime which is brutal as it is anachronistic. They are fighting for democracy, and get this SECULARISM! What damn American would ever believe that? Well believe it.
The most remarkable thing to me is not the bravery of the Iranian people but the complete ignorance of the incredible chance these protests prese…

The Iranian Regime Has Come To Its End

What started as a protest against increased petrol prices has spiraled into the greatest existential threat to the Iranian regime in 4 decades. Millions have taken to the streets demanding government change, the end to corruption,police and government brutality Woman, it has been noted have been a driving force in these protests. The government has responded with brutal force, shooting and killing unarmed civilians, injuring over 3,000. These are just weak estimates as the government has virtually turned off the country's Internet apparatus in an attempt to hide what many believe are even greater atrocities. It is feared that many of those arrested will be executed. But the actions of the regime has not served to cower the people but to enrage and embolden them even more.
Many tweets I've read contained the cry "Why does the world not hear us?". The United States is practically oblivious to the existential threat to the Iranian regime which it has complained has bee…

Jerry Epstein's Suicide: A Conspiracy of Idiocy

Americans are a bored lot. Well fed, well housed, warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and content to the point of paralyzing boredom will look to anything to plow some excitement into their buzzing brains. This Jerry Epstein supplied what they needed better than Viagra for what they lacked.
Let's face it, the guy was a convicted sex offender before he was re-arrested in early 2019 for  sex trafficking including soliciting underage girls for naked back rubs and and other such niceties.The "gentleman" was placed in a cell awaiting trial. Now sure, he had parties some of which included an up coming president and a not so princely prince. Now, he apparently was under suicide watch after being found unconscious in his cell with injuries to his neck. Epstein believed they were caused by his cellmate, another pillar of virtue awaiting trial for 4 murders. Prison officials concluded he tried to hang himself and concluded that Epstein was lying about the assault because, w…

Plastic surgeon wanted to kill family. How I remember Dr. Bonanno

Ihaven't slept in two days agonizing over what happened to my former friend. I didn't want to write this post feeling I didn't want to seem to profit in any way off this tragedy. But I've been reading rubber stamp comments, jokes and other stuff about Dr.Bonnano so I thought maybe I could put the human behind the story in a bit of a more human nature.
In 2001 I became a Physician Assistant at a prestigious NY hospital. My first job was working the surgery department. Big mistake! Surgeons as a group are some of the most narcissistic assholes on Earth (the men. The female surgeons were wonderful with great patience especially with a brand new PA). Every day was a terrifying experience. Not only did it suck working with these guys in the regular environment but being locked up for 4-8 hours in an operating room with one of these assholes was like an eternity in Hell, getting screamed at because I didn't know as much as he knew in his 20 years of practice, belittling…

Fascinating excerpt on the recently departed Jerry Epstein


Been reading the story of the escapedes of of this guy Jeffery Epstein published by and I'm flabbergasted what this guy got away with all these years. I'll paraphrase one part of it in satire because to literally explain it makes me hear voices and see things that are not there:

In 2007 the FBI prepared a 53 page indictment for Epstien which could have put him away for life. Prosecuting the case would be Alexander Acosta the US Attorney for Miami at the time.
One day Acosta and Epstein were using two adjoining stalls at the Federal Courthouse in Miami when Epstein reached over and grabbed Acosta testicals and whispered " Here's how it's gonna go". Squeezing harder he continued "life? Your mother will get life before I get life!!. What your going to do is give me max 13 years, I like that number, and not in some shithole prison either but that new wing of the county jail that overlooks the girls school across the street" he continues as Ac…

Chicago Problems: Shootings and Mayor Spacecadet

I mean maybe she was misinterpreted, was afraid of being in Chicago herself or mi!d!y intoxicated but to her it's not the gangsters shooting up Chicago, it's the nights of the week:

Mayor Lori Lightfoot says the big problem is Saturday night into Sunday morning, when most of the weekend shooting victims are injured. Speaking on So I have an idea. Lets just get rid of the weekends Right see no weekends, no Saturday night especially and bingo! Shootings solved. I know sounds ridiculous but it's about the only damn thing coming out of there to solve this crisis.
And don't think about the gangsters, really. They can all go into one big warehouse and shoot the Hell out of each other. Think about the great, great majority of those hard working parents trying everyday to make a living, bring up decent children while struggling to keep them alive. Try focusing on them. My God! Americans being shot like clay ducks in one of the largest city in the country.